100% lemon juice (Taiwan native species) single bottle/300ml


100% lemon juice (Taiwan native species)

Specification: 300ml

Contents: flat lemon juice

Shelf life: 8 months

Storage method: refrigerate after opening


Taiwan lemon, also known as “Bian Shi lemon”, is distributed in Taiwan, Ryukyu and Guam. It is called “Mountain Orange” in Hakka. Taiwan lemon lemon has a special aroma and is more resistant to diseases and insect pests. Therefore, no pesticides are used in the management process. It is rich in vitamin C, tangerine, hesperidin and hesperidin. And so on, because of the longevity village, it has attracted the attention of the Japanese medical and academic circles, and has become a popular Japanese health drink and food seasoning.

※Remind that this product does not add any chemical agents, such as emulsifiers, so there will be oil bag agglomeration, please refer to the purchase!
heartHow to mix lemon juice:
enlightenedLemon water (sparkling water): Lemon juice 3-4 caps + water (sparkling water) 500cc (the intensity is adjusted according to personal taste)
enlightenedLemon and Winter Melon Drink: Lemon Juice 4 caps + Winter Melon Tea 700cc
enlightenedLemon honey drink: 3 caps of original lemon juice + 15cc honey + 650cc water + ice cubes.
enlightenedThai Lemon Fish: Steamed Fish + Lemon Sauce (Sweet Lemon Juice 30cc+ Fish Sauce 20cc+ Water 20cc+ Sugar 3 tsp+ Chili, Garlic, Coriander Mince and Mix)
enlightenedLemon Salsa: Use lemon juice instead of lemon juice for a richer flavor

enlightenedLemon dipping sauce: Lemon juice + soy sauce, chili, garlic

No artificial additives such as preservatives, emulsifiers, fragrances, colorings, etc.
For a natural healthy drink, just add lemon to the water!
It is normal for some essential oils to float on the top. Please shake it before use. After opening the bottle, please refrigerate and store. Try to drink it within 2 weeks.


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