Black Fungus and Coconut Crisp


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Product Name: Ruidetang Coconut Crisp with Black Fungus
Ingredients: coconut flour, cane sugar, bread flour, black fungus flour, coconut oil, milk powder, salt
Allergen reminder: This product contains allergens such as gluten and cereals, which may cause allergic reactions after consumption.
Net weight: 55 grams
Shelf life: sealed for 10 months (unopened state, and normal storage)
Limited date: as indicated on the package
Origin: Made in Taiwan
Preservation method: Please store in a cool place, avoid direct sunlight, please consume as soon as possible after opening.
Edible method: 1. It can be eaten after disassembling. 2. It can be added to soy milk and milk.

(Expiration period: It is calculated from the date of receipt by consumers, and it shall not be shorter than one-third of the storage period before the effective date)

*Information on merchandise in the store will be adjusted due to food labeling management regulations, so the actual packaging shall prevail.

Out of stock


Black Fungus and Coconut Crisp

Baked goods, non-fried

Black fungus-the black spirit in dietary fiber!

Natural food, high in dietary fiber

Contains natural antioxidant anthocyanin, high iron, high calcium, low calorie

Black Fungus Powder

1. It is rich in plant collagen, eat it frequently to promote cleansing the stomach. 2. Prevent a variety of elderly diseases. 3. Contain a variety of minerals.

4. It is a natural blood supplement. 5. Abundant viscous fiber helps lower blood sugar. 6. The polysaccharides in black fungus help enhance the body’s immunity.

7. Low calories, full of satiety. Adding vegetables and making juice can help enhance metabolism and help weight control.

coconut powder

1. Contains medium-chain triglycerides (MCT oil), suitable for weight control people. 2. Enhance human immunity. 3. Help maintain the function of the digestive tract.

4. Prevent heart disease. 5. Maintain female youthful vigor. 6. Improve the circulatory system of the elderly.

There is also a black fungus coconut cake gift box available for purchase



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