Golden Buckwheat Tea (7gx15pcs)


Golden Buckwheat Tea
Ingredients: 100% Tatar buckwheat (Grade 3A)
Net weight: 7 grams * 15 pieces
Origin: Made in Taiwan
Shelf life: sealed for 12 months (please use it as soon as possible after opening)
Allergen reminder: This product contains allergens such as gluten and cereals
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Golden Buckwheat Tea

Strictly selected Taiwan buckwheat tartare
No added flavors, colors, preservatives and decaffeinated
High nutritional value, can regulate physiological functions and promote metabolism
Dry cooked buckwheat kernels are convenient to store and the most convenient green food
Triangle tea bag design for easy brewing
Guxiang is charming, hot or cold, and you will never forget its wonderful flavor after a sip

Way of eating:
1. Heat 1.5 liters of boiling water in a teapot, put 3 tea bags, and water
Turn to low heat and cook for 5 minutes after opening, the flavor and color are the strongest. Continued
When boiling the second pot, add 2 tea bags.
2. Directly add hot water in a stuffy beaker or teacup, soak for 5 minutes,
It is ready to drink and can be flushed back continuously.

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