Green Banana Rice Noodles (Jiao Ma)


1. Noodles (90g): flour, rice flour, green coke powder, water, salt.
2. Seasoning package: (1) Sesame paste (15g): sesame.
(2) Noodle sauce (25g): drum juice (black beans, salt, water), black vinegar, mirin, sugar.
(3) Pepper and sesame flavor: pepper and sesame oil (5 grams): sesame oil, chili oil, Sichuan pepper oil.
Net weight: pepper and hemp flavor, net weight of each bag 135 grams X 4 bags
Effective date: as shown on the package (year/month/day)
Retention period: one year (unopened)
Origin: Taiwan
Storage method: Store at room temperature and place in a cool place.
6 bags per box, flavors can be mixed and matched

(Expiration period: It is calculated from the date of receipt by consumers, and it shall not be shorter than one-third of the storage period before the effective date)

※Product pictures are for conditioning reference only
※The product information of the store will be adjusted due to food labeling management regulations, so the actual packaging shall prevail.


Green Banana Rice Noodles (Jiao Ma)

This newly created product is made by using some wheat ingredients in traditional noodles with rice flour, and some usinggreen banana flour rich in resistant starch and dietary fiber. The formula is adjusted to achieve the best palatability. In order to give bananas an extended display of diversified commodity characteristics,it can also highlight the unique functional characteristics of green bananas to improve gastrointestinal absorption and smooth discharge. In terms of seasoning, the rich and smooth taste of sesame sauce is used as the basis, and the original taste and the spicy and spicy taste are used as the presentation of different flavors. Consumers have multiple choices.
Cooking method:
1. Put 900cc of water into the pot, add a little salt to boil.
2. Put the noodles in boiling water and stir gently to heat the noodles evenly.
3. Cook on medium heat for about 6 minutes.
4. Put all the sauce packets into the noodle bowl.
5. Remove the cooked noodles and pour them into a bowl, mix well with the sauce and serve.


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