Smooth Black Coffee (8gx30 packs / box)


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Taiwan smooth black coffee
Contents name: instant black coffee (origin: Brazil, Taiwan), Jerusalem artichoke fiber (dietary fiber),
Net weight: 8g x 30 packs / box
Shelf life: sealed for 2 years
Origin: Made in Taiwan
*Each serving contains 42 mg of caffeine
Storage method: Please store in a cool place, avoid direct sunlight and high temperature places,
Please consume as soon as possible after opening.

(Expiration period: It is calculated from the date of receipt by consumers, and it shall not be shorter than one-third of the storage period before the effective date)

*Information on merchandise in the store will be adjusted due to food labeling management regulations, so the actual packaging shall prevail.


15 in stock


Smooth black coffee

Each cup contains 2 orange fiber and is ground from Brazil and Taiwan coffee beans. Drink smoothly.
Drink it smoothly, rich in dietary fiber, delicious and smooth.
Taiwang smooth black coffee naturally emits a strong aroma after brewing, and the entrance is smooth,
The smooth black coffee of hot drink, the original rough and strong feeling, the slight bitterness has the thick taste of dark chocolate,
The fragrance is left in the mouth, and the unique rich fragrance that is inherent to coffee is exuded between the throat.
Instructions for use: Mix with 180ml of hot water, stir well, and then drink.


There are also 6-packs and 100-packs available for purchase!


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