Sweet potato biscuits (30gX18 bags/box)


Sweet potato biscuits
Net weight: 30 grams X18 bags/box
Another 100 packs in bulk packaging
Contents name: wheat flour, No. 57 sweet potato powder, milk (water, non-milk fat solids), sugar, eggs,
Unhydrogenated vegetable oil (palm oil), yeast powder, isomalto-oligosaccharides, soy lecithin, sea salt,
Sodium bicarbonate (expansion agent)
Allergen reminder: This product contains gluten-containing cereals, eggs, soy, milk and their products,
May cause allergic symptoms.
Shelf life: unopened 1 year
Origin: Made in Taiwan


No coloring, no preservatives, no ammonium leavening powder.
Sweet potato, also known as sweet potato and sweet potato, is recognized as a green food in the 21st century. Sweet potato in Yunlin County
Rich in yield and excellent quality, thanks to the fertile land and abundant sunshine
Tai Wang Foods uses No. 57 golden sweet potato as raw material, and uses Japanese-style pancake method to make special
Developed into sweet potato cakes, and added isomalto-oligosaccharides to replace part of sucrose, no added
Add coloring, preservatives, delicious, safe and hygienic, crispy taste, easy to carry,
It is a small snack suitable for both going out and staying at home.