Taro Powder (500g/bag)


Taro Powder
Content name: 100% peeled taro
Net weight: 500 grams
Another 25kg in bulk and a box of business packaging
Shelf life: sealed for 2 years (expiration period: calculated from the date of receipt by consumers, and not less than one-third of the shelf life before the effective date)

*Information on merchandise in the store will be adjusted due to food labeling management regulations, so the actual packaging shall prevail.

Origin: Made in Taiwan
Preservation method: Please store in a cool place, avoid direct sunlight and high temperature places, please eat as soon as possible after opening.



Taiwan’s native betel nut heart taro has a special aroma that is difficult to resist. Using this taro powder and tapioca starch can make taro balls that are as refreshing as the old street. This product can produce an average of 5.2 kilograms of raw taro. 1 kg cooked noodles! The refined taro powder after peeling eliminates the trouble of peeling treatment. It is easy to use and can be eaten after being prepared in cold water. It is used in the baking industry and can be mixed with flour to make the outer skin to achieve the purpose of special fragrance. It can also be prepared The filling has a full taste and is used to make noodles, which is even more exciting.



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